Your local bonded agency with over 120 years of experience under one roof

Reserving your cruises and tours is our favorite thing to do and the largest portion of our daily work.  We work with you to secure the best possible values.  We’ve established relationships with many of the vendors on a personal level who love to assist us with your special requests.  We’ll help with airline tickets reserved by the cruise line or tour company, stateroom selections, meal requests, hotel, pre and post packages, car rentals and so much more.   Family reunions, destination weddings and honeymoons are our favorites too!  It’s what we do.

While we cannot actually issue a passport or entry visa for you,  we do provide visa and passport assistance.  Many times this is just too confusing.  We will be happy to have you bring your information to the office and let us process this for you.  We’ll give you a list of the documents you need to bring and we’ll do it! We CAN issue an Australian and New Zealand travel entry permit. Many more counties are going this route-let us navigate this for you as we plan your vacation.


​Our Services

Why we do what we do…

We LOVE the travel industry! The bulk of our business is assisting you in reserving your cruises and tours. Our experience and love of the industry is reflected in all we do. Please call our bonded trusted team to ensure your vacation is truly one of your dreams. We are located in an actual office that you can visit; you talk to our agents face to face; we have brochures from all the major cruise lines and tour operators. We invite you to stop in to discuss your vacation. Appointments are not required, although might be suggested during “season.”

We spend time cultivating relationships with guides and tour companies around the world. We explore many tours and hotels personally. We have established relationships with all major cruise lines. Our personal associations bring you years of expertise and knowledge. 

Sadly, we no longer issue individual airline tickets.  Please consult the internet or the airline of your choice for your desired tickets.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you have an association, a club or church that wants to travel together? We have years and years of experience working with groups for tours, fund raisers and special events.  We make a presentation to your group, then we handle all the details of making your brochures, taking the deposits, fielding all the questions, sending invoices and handling all the documents required.  We offer a group meeting before your trip too, to go over all the details and hand out the documents.
Since we all love to travel too, we want to travel WITH you!  What better way to travel than WITH your travel agent?  We usually secure what we’d like to do, then get the prices for a small group and offer it to you.  Our customized small groups are rarely more than 12-15 passengers.  Let us do all the work for you and have fun with the extras that we offer as surprises!